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"Extraordinary ... Highly Recommend!!"

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jason. He constructed a fence at my home and also made an enclosed pet play area at my animal hospital. Both jobs were done in a very resonable time frame and Jason's attention to detail was extraordinary. We discussed what I needed and he was true to his word that I would be very pleased when the job was done. When I had concerns or questions, they were addressed. He followed up with me after the construction as well to make sure everything was to my satifaction. I just wanted to let everyone know if you need someone to construct a privacy fence, dog fence, or pet play area, I would highly recommend Jason!"

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Shaylene Snyder, DVM

Hemlock Bluffs
Animal Hospital

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WOOD FENCE - Wooden fencing is perhaps the most popular type of fencing due to its natural beauty and the variety of fence options. There are several styles of wood fences and four main types: privacy fences, picket fences, split-rail and post & rail fences. A properly maintained wood fence can provide years of serviceability, even enduring the harshest weather conditions.

Wood fence owners have a several options when it comes wood fence designs such as lattice top, scalloped, half moon or arched fence and more; several wooden fence board options such gothic, nipped gothic, french gothic, french gothic nipped, and dog ear boards; and wooden post options including gothic posts, flat posts, french gothic and french gothic nipped post. There are a several colors of stains for wood fences and wood fences can also be treated with a water-repellent solution to help resist warping and prevent insect damage.

We build each wood fence to last, establishing a solid foundation for your wood fence, with each wooden fence post reinforced in concrete giving your fence a sturdy foundation. Unless a customer specifically wants a pre-fab, wood panel fence we choose not to install that material due to its questionable quality and service life. Instead, we recommend to our customers to use thicker pressure treated wood pickets instead of thin, cheap wood pickets to decrease warping and cupping over the service life of your wood fence. We stick build each wood fence using the finest wood products and materials in our area provided by Universal Forest Products Inc., the offical wood and lumber providers for Home Depot.

When it comes to wood fence styles, choices and options, including board and post, Triangle Fence can help you determine the best fence for you. It's eazy to get started with your free fence estimate, just click on the button below.

wooden arched fence gateRaleigh Wooden  Arch FenceCary Shadow Box Fencing


"Wow ... Great Finished Product!"

At first we weren't sure about going with the arched fence, but when you guys finished...Wow, what a great product, we're very pleased!

Thank you,

Peter D.

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VINYL FENCES (PVC) POLYVINYL CHLORIDE - Maintenance free vinyl fences provide a long lasting, durable, and attractive fence for homeowners, farmers, and businesses. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles that mimic both wood and ornamental fences; including traditional, privacy, post and rail, and ornamental. White and Tan are the colors used most often in vinyl fencing, but fences are also available in gray, cedar wood tones, black and green.

The vinyl used for vinyl fencing is made of the same (UV) ultraviolet resistant vinyl also used for vinyl siding, railings, decking, lattice work, trelisis, and arbors. Vinyl fencing also shares the the same surface impact strength, structual integrity and fire resistant properties. Vinyl fencing has a smooth surface, no nails, sharp edges or splinters. The cost for a vinyl fence initially is more but when you consider the continuous maintenance of a wood or metal fence verses your maintenance free vinyl fence, the difference in cost emliminates itself and becomes a "wise" fence investment. Additional benefits of having a vinyl fence: vinyl remains strong, even in extreme weather and harsh climates. Vinyl is rot resistant and never needs painting. Vinyl fences have a high impact level that allows it to withstand the wear and tear normally associated with wood and chain link fences. Many vinyl fencing manufacturers offer a lilfetime warranty.

Questions about your vinyl fence? Click on the free fence estimate below and we'll be happy to assist you.

6 Foot Vinyl Privacy FenceClassic Style Vinyl Picket FencingVinyl Backyard Fence in Progress


"Excellent Vinyl Fence Job!"

Many thanks to you and your crew for the excellent job on our vinyl fence. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks again,

Jenifer S.

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Distinctive Aluminum Ornamental Fencing, often referred to as Black Aluminum Fence, adds elegance and beauty to any home. Ornamental Aluminum Fences can improve the appearance and value of your property, and offer security and peace of mind, while allowing for maximum visibility of your entire landscape.

Known for their strength, durability and wrought iron look, one of the great advantages of Ornamental-Black Aluminum Fences over traditional Wrought Iron Fences is that you can have the beauty at a fraction of the up front cost and avoid the back end high maintenance costs for yearly scraping, sanding and painting.

Ornamental-Black Aluminum Fences come in a variety of styles including traditional spear-pointed picket and flat-top styles and come in three standard heights of 4', 5', and 6' with a classic black finish. We use a premium grade black aluminum fence manufactured from extra strong titanium/silicon aluminum alloy, the strongest in the industry finished with a powder coat to protect against rust and corrosion. Additional styles of Ornamental Fence are available by AmeriStar, Jerith, and SpecRail and available upon request.

Often a favorite for swimming pool enclosures and perimeter fencing due to their dual security and open visibility features, Black Aluminum Fences also come with matching fence gates available in standard widths of 42", 48", and 60" wide. Other sizes are available as special order.

Ornamental Fence Accessories - Your Black Aluminum Ornamental Fence can be personalized and given a distingusihing touch by mixing and matching ornamental accessories to match your fence. Ornamental Accessories include a selection of scrolls, finials, and ball caps to create a custom look that will add an extra touch of elegance to your fence. These aluminum castings are available in a black, white, bronze, or gold finish to enhance any fence or gate.

Have a question about Ornamental Black Aluminum fencing for your home? Looking for Commercial grade aluminum fencing for additional strength and security. Use the button below to contact use for you fencing needs.

Pool Fence, Black Aluminum FencingOrnamental FenceBlack Aluminum, Wrought Iron,  with Wood Arch Fences


"Open Visibility and Greater Peace of Mind!"

We can't express how much we really appreciate the great job you did on our pool fence. We enjoy the open design and visibility of the aluminum fence and the child safety locks on the gates have given us greater peace of mind.

Thank you so much,

The Miller Family


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Chain Link Fences - Chain link fencing, also referred to as "Galvanized Fence," is a smart choice for homeowners and businesses looking for a versatile and economic fence solution. Chain link fabric is provided in a series of gauges, generally 11 1/2 gauge chain link for residential use and 9 gauge chain link for commercial applications. Chain link comes in a variety of heights. Chain link's strength and durability is due its strongly woven steal wire, sturdy fence framing, parts, and rust resistant zinc coating. In some cases instead of a zinc coating, chain link products can be found with an aluminized coating which produces a highly reflective finish.

Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fencing - Vinyl Chain link, also known as "Colored Chain Link," is an attractive style of fence that comes in a variety of colors. The most common fence colors are green, black, and brown other colors are available and can be special ordered. The rust and corrosion resistant vinyl coating on the fences is made from a long lasting and durable PVC material similar to the material used to make vinyl siding, windows, doors, deck systems and railings. Vinyl coated chain link fencing is becoming more popular due to its ability to better blend into its environments and maintenance free service life.

Razor Wire Fences - Chain link fences can be enhanced into strong deterrent and security fences with the addition of razor wire. Razor Wire generally comes in 18 inch coils that are designed to stretch out like a "slinky" and effectively cover 33 linear feet. Chain Link Razor Wire Fences are commonly used for perimeter security on warehouses, prisons, rooftops, enclosures, and for valued inventory control.

Barbed Wire Fence - Barb wire is commonly used as perimeter security for agricultural applications and live stock. Barb Wire can be used as a deterrent a top chain link fences and is also used as a reinforcement within chain link razor wire fencing.

Have questions about your chain link fencing needs? Use the free fence estimate form below.

Chain Link Fence, Raleigh, NCchain link fence with razor wireswimming pool  chain link fence, black vinyl coated


"Great Looking Combination!!"

Thank you for working within budget and the recommendation to go with the aluminum and chain link fence. It's a great looking combination. We've already recommended you to neighbors and friends.

Wishing you continued success,

Sean W.


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PRIVACY FENCING ... Privacy fences are the popular request from homeowners. This type of fencing can also double as a residential security fence to keep unwanted guests from entering their yard and also as an inner boundary for children and pets. When it comes to privacy fences, all fences are not created equal. There are three levels of privacy fencing: the semi-private fence, full privacy fences and "true" privacy fencing.

Wood Privacy Fence -
Wooden fences offer the most styles and levels of privacy fencing. Most people are led to believe that all 6' wood fences are privacy fences and this is not true. First you have your semi-private wooden fence i.e. (the wooden shadow box fence) that provides both suggested privacy and a feeling of openness.

Other styles of wooden fences offer full privacy but not true privacy. Regardless of the type, style, or design these fences are a common choice and generally provide a good level of privacy for most home owners. However, there are 2 main flaws that prevent your average 6 foot wooden fence from being a "true" privacy fence: (1) Sometimes the wooden pickets are not of the quality or same cut meaning spacing and gaps between boards ... (2) Over time wooden fences can start to weather and pickets warp or readjust... both of these flaws are conditions that allow for visibility, light to pass through and unwanted peep holes in your fence.

If you're looking for a "true" privacy fence, the only wooden fence for you is a board-on-board fence! The board-on-board fence, is exactly as is sounds, there are two layers of boards. When the first layer of boards are in place, a second layer is placed over the narrow gaps or spacing between boards preventing any light to pass through the fence. An additional benefit with wooden privacy fences is that they can also be cut in half-moon/arched or scalloped designs giving the homeowner more options.

Vinyl Privacy Fence - Vinyl fencing offers a "true" privacy fence with the vinyl privacy tongue and groove fence. This fence style is most similar to the wooden board on board fence and does not permit any light to pass through the fence. An additional benefit of the vinyl privacy fence is that it is virtually maintenance free.

Chain Link Privacy Fence - A chain link fence is not ordinarily thought of as a privacy fence. But due to its versatility and economic cost, a chain link fence can be a suitable semi-private to full privacy fence by (1) Selecting the right height for your chain link fence and (2) adding wooden or vinyl/pvc slats to the fence. This style of fencing is used for homes, public pools, and commercial applications.

Get the privacy fencing you deserve for your home. Click on the button below for your free fence estimate.

6 foot Vinyl Privacy Fence, Raleigh, NCScallop Privacy FencingInside View Private Half Moon  Fencing with French Gothic Post


Finally ... Peace and Privacy!!

Just a quick note to say, "Thank you so much for my new board on board privacy fence!" It feels great to finally relax and enjoy my hot tub and back yard in peace with p-r-i-v-a-c-y!

Cassandra M.


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Triangle Fence handles a variety of custom fencing request including:

Composite Fencing - which is the combination of two fence types such as Black Aluminum Ornamental Fencing with Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing, or Wood Fence Styles with traditional galvanized Chain Link, often used as aesthetic and economically attractive fence options.

Custom Masonry Fence Additions - Perhaps your looking for a brick or stone entry way, columns, or decorative display.

Fence Accessories - Fence Gates, Ball Caps, Post Styles, Railings, Fencing Lattice and Accents, Arbors and Trellises, Decking Systems, Mail Box Posts, Address Signs, Planters, and Vinyl Rock Posts.

Fencing Styles - Picket Fences, Board on Board Privacy Fence, Scalloped Top or Concave, Arched or Half Moon Fence, Copper Top, Shadow Box, 6 foot Stockade, Privacy, Semi Private and more.

Pet and Animal Fences - Custom Dog and Pet Fences and Fenced in Pet Play Areas. Animal & Wildlife Fencing to protect your property, home and Garden from Deer, Rabbits, Foxes, Oposums and Vinyl fence solutions for Raccoons and Squirrels.

Safety and Insurance Fencing - We provide fencing for Safety and Insurance compliance for backyard swimming pools, hot tubs, trampolines, play sets, day care centers, play grounds, fields, yards, play areas, parks, and recreational centers.

Custom Fencing for Farms, Ranches and Rural Areas - Traditional Wood or Barb Wire Fencing, Vinyl Horse Fences, Cattle and Livestock Fencing, Post and Rail, Split-Rail Fences, Equestrian Club fencing and more.

Commercial Fencing - Custom fences for all commercial applications including perimeter boundaries and protection, security fencing, entry and exit deterrent fencing, warehouses, waste disposal units and dumpsters, valuable inventory control, etc.

Whether its a fence for the home residential area or commercial location, Triangle Fence can help you navigate through the many different types, styles, considerations and applications of fences to find the perfect fence for you.

Have a question? Call or contact us, using the free fence estimate form below and we'll be happy to assist you.

Half Moon, French Gothic Post, with Wood Picket FenceSample Split Rail Wooden  FenceBackyard Vinyl Picket Fence


"You Really Know Your Stuff!"

Thank you for being patient with us on the options for our fence. We are much happier with the decorative copper caps accenting our fence as they go with the over all design of our home. We never knew there were so many design choices, you really know your stuff!!


Nigel B.


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fence satisfaction guarantee

We're proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our quality fencing craftsmanship and will go the extra mile for our customers ensuring that you'll be happy and satisfied with you new fence, its our Guarantee!



Triangle Fence was established to provide quality fencing and a superior fencing experience for both homeowners and commercial clients. As home owners ourselves, when it comes to fencing, it's not just about another customer and installing a fence. We take time to take into consideration all your fencing needs as well as your fence project details. We work with you as your fencing partner; because we truly understand that we're building more than a fence ... We're building a landscaped extension of your property and beautiful home!

"12" Great Reasons to choose Triangle Fence:


 Customer Responsiveness


 Competitive Pricing

 Value Savings

 Quality Craftsmanship


 Excellent Testimonials

 Combined 30 years+ of hands on experience

 All fence installers are professionally trained and tested

 Licensed and Insured


"Curb Appeal Reality"

It was a real pleasure to work with you on our home. I really wanted to dress up the property to give it more curb appeal & my goals became a reality.

You truly listened & understood exactly what I wanted.

You were not the lowest bidder... and I'm glad that you weren't!

Great Job,

Paul C.


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